Does water affect the taste of tea?

Tea is often the way we start and finish our days. We also enjoy a tea blend in the middle of our day, perhaps at work. Consider this for a minute. Do you feel you compromise your love of tea when you drink brews that aren’t up to standard? It might not be the quality of tea leaves but how they are prepared. You’re correct; we meant water. Tea is 95% water. By the end of the post, if you follow our instructions, you can be sure your next cup will taste divine.

You can use the hard water directly from the tap. Stop! Stop! The tea antioxidants and the mineral water may react chemically, reducing the nutritional value. Bottled spring water is best. We suggest using filtered water if you are unable to use spring water.

There is one more critical element to consider. Can you guess? A significant factor is the length of the brewing time. Black and Oolong should be steeped for 2-4 mins, while white and green should only be steeped for 1-3 mins. If your tea is a bit stronger, pour it back in and let it last longer. If it’s too weak, add more water. You’ll need to experiment a bit before you get the right taste.

You may not know that the time you wait to drink the tea after you pour it can affect its taste. We’ll save that topic for a future post. Try some of our gourmet teas until then. Browse our black, white, and green teas by clicking here.

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