Do not be a tea snob.

Yes, I do. This is not a common thing to say coming from a Tea Sommelier. You must already be frowning and saying, “Oh yeah!” It’s almost a shocker. It’s shocking, and I repeat it because I mean it: Don’t be a Tea Snob. It doesn’t take much to learn to appreciate good tea, the different varieties and their nuances. This has happened to other people and me. It’s funny. It’s sadder than it is funny. What should one do if you don’t feel like drinking tea? You have many options for tea. As anyone at Tea Trunk, you can ask me. We will likely scream in unison, “Sure, why don’t you?” Go ahead! I’m not a tea snob. I’m not a tea snob.

I’ll be most happy if you can talk to me about something other than tea. It is not snobbish to say you’re a tea-drinker, but it does nothing. We have to be open to the choices made by others and what they choose to drink. It is easy to see people who are condescending to those around them. They are everywhere. They are all over the place. Some people don’t realize how snobbish and ignorant they have become. Lately, I have seen people be very particular about what water they drink. Or how they make their tea. The water you use will affect the flavour of your tea. Teas can be spoilt by too salty, chlorinated water, or hard. It is important to be careful about the water you drink, including its purity and cleanliness. It’s wrong to claim that you only use one brand of natural spring water or one from a particular glacier. Or to judge someone who likes a regular cutting chai. Don’t elevate your tea by drinking some form of high-handed circus. Phew. This is a mistake that I will rectify. These people may have valid points to be selective about. Some people are just too busy. Let’s enjoy our lives and not be rigid and starchy about everything. Perhaps I should make a chill-pill Chai help us do that. Let me end on that note. Be a tea lover. Do not be a tea snob.

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