Cold Brew Tea: Tips, Tricks & Favorites

Cold-brewing tea is similar to overnight oats. While you sleep, the magic happens. Mix all your ingredients the night before, and you’ll wake up to something delicious the following day: minimum effort and maximum results.

Cold-brewing tea, like coffee, can produce a more complex and brighter flavor than hot brewed. Making iced tea by brewing hot tea, then cooling it in the fridge can result in a beverage that tastes like stale, cold tea. Cold-brewed tea has a richer flavor and is meant to cool you down quickly. It is easy to make and never bitter, so you don’t need sugar or sweetener.

Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder Green is great for cold brewing because of its strong flavor and low risk of bitterness. Allow this tea to sit at room temperature for 20 minutes before storing it in the refrigerator. This allows the tea leaves to open up more and brew evenly. You can reuse loose-leaf tea leaves for another batch. Add celery and cucumber. Before transferring the pitcher to my refrigerator, I added one stalk of celery, chopped, and one small Persian cucumber peeled. The veggies will add another layer to the tea as it steeps. If you like, you can add the vegetables to the tea after removing the leaves. The green tea’s subtle smokiness pairs well with the crisp and clean notes of celery, cucumber, and other vegetables. It’s so refreshing!

Aged Earl Grey tea

Cold-brewed Aged Earl Grey makes the citrus and bergamot in Aged Earl Grey shine. You can also cold-brew black tea to make sweet or Arnold palmer teas and other classic iced tea recipes. If you prefer black tea with a strong flavor, you can add an extra tea bag.

Infuse with fresh ripe Apricots

 Before transferring my pitcher to the fridge, I added three small, sliced apricots. The fruit will infuse the tea as it steeps. You can add the apricots to the tea after the tea leaves/bags are removed. Or, blend the apricots with the cold brewed green tea to make a delicious smoothie. The sweetness of the ripe Apricots is perfectly paired with the floral bergamot notes. Yum!

Turmeric Three Roots Tea

Turmeric ThreeRoots is a sweet, earthy tea that’s slightly sweet. This blend has a natural sweetness created by licorice root. It is more robust when cold-brewed than when hot. This flavorful blend will keep well with ice. To get the full flavor of the licorice root, make sure you squeeze the tea bags before discarding them.

Add a fresh ripe strawberry to it. Before transferring my pitcher to the fridge, I added 1 cup of hulled, sliced strawberries. The fruit will infuse the tea as it steeps. If you like, you can add the strawberries to the tea after removing the tea bags. You will crave more of the spicy ginger and turmeric notes combined with the sweet sweetness of strawberries.

Honeybush tea

Honeybush Tea is a cousin to Rooibos. It has a light, sweet taste that is better when brewed cold than hot. It will brew into a beautiful rosy color and look great on your patio.

Add fresh peaches to it. Before refrigerating, I added one small yellow Peach. As with the other teas, you can experiment. This excellent combination of sweet and aromatic is the ideal summer beverage to keep your body hydrated and happy!

Ceremonial Matcha.

Matcha green tea can also be cold brewed. Surprisingly. Because the tea powder dissolves quickly, it doesn’t take nearly as long to make and can be enjoyed immediately. Combine 2 cups of ice-cold, one teaspoon Ceremonial matcha in a mason container. Close the lid and shake or blend. If you prefer, serve over ice. Infusing it with fruits or vegetables is not recommended, as it can be too drying. However, you can use it as the base of a delicious smoothie. Enjoy this product’s savory flavor and lingering sweetness, and discover your favorite flavor combinations!

It is essential to steep tea in hot water. We recommend you consult your healthcare provider if you have concerns about cold brew.

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