Beyond the Brick and Mortar: Philly’s Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop

Philadelphia, PA- When you walk off the main street and enter the Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop, It’s hard to think you were in the Market-Frankford Line, stuck on I-95, or stranded somewhere between Old City and Fishtown. The furniture isn’t matched, and the seating isn’t traditional. However, that’s not the point. The furniture’s randomness creates a sense of curiosity and intimacy within a constantly challenged society.

Stroll to the bar and look at the menu if you cannot resist the tearoom’s eclectic collection of antiques and local artists. The menu of Tea and herbs is varied: oolong darjeeling, pu-erh Chinese and greens Japanese tea, greens matcha, chai, and assam;…. the list is endless… But do not worry; assistance is only a single phone call away.

The tea rooms often suggest pairings between Tea and food. Its Random Tea Room takes a step further by offering the possibility of pairing wellness with. The use of acupuncture, massage, sound therapy, and CBD honey stick are but some of the options which work very well when combined with Tea or herbal.

The proprietor of the Random Tea Room, Rebecca Goldschmidt, has created this space to heal the body and soul with natural methods inspired by homeopathy. “I sought a better alternative to the use of pharmaceuticals. I’ve been suffering from depression since 15 and was hoping discover something that could aid me, but not in pills.” Goldschmidt said, “I wanted to be in a position to assist others without the risk of harming them.”

This little nook of tea culture hidden within Northern Liberties in the Philadelphia area, known as Northern Liberties, is a powerhouse of healing. The organization just celebrated its 11th anniversary and is only beginning to get established. Recently they announced an IFundWomen campaign to kick-start their tea subscription program for June.

Goldschmidt stated, “Tea can be intimidating and we’re working at introducing people to different varieties of Tea slowly so that they understand it. I hope we can broaden their horizons.”

The subscription comes in two levels. Program. It is the first monthly subscription that comes with three 1-ounce tea options. The second option is a Refillable Tea Station that includes six refillable tea containers, sleeping bags, scoops, a timer, and instruction manuals in a neat area, less than a square foot.

Goldschmidt has put in much effort throughout her career for her employees and business. It was not always easy to own a company owned by a woman. She’s been resilient throughout the years and is grateful to have a caring family and a supportive community.

“I was a young wanderer and lived in the tearoom for ten years. It was about health and surviving, doing something that is honest and decent and not stressing about staying ahead of all the Joneses.” Goldschmidt said, “I’ve tried to think of everything I can think of to come up with a small simple, straightforward, and well-thought out approach to improving everyone’s everyday routines.”

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