Add three teapots to your tea collection.

Tea lovers will do anything to get the best tea experience possible. One crucial factor is teaware. In a recent discussion, Kyusu was brought up. This is a traditional Japanese Teapot. There are different types of this teapot. Yokode Kyushu is a teapot with a side handle. Ushirode kyusu features a back handle. Uwade kousu has a top-handle. Here are three companies that have been around for a long, not just because of their look but also their durability.

Fujihoro teapots are available in India. The company is well-known for its high-quality whistling and porcelain-enameled steel kettles. The porcelain enameled teapots made of steel are glazed with high temperatures, which ensures that the teaware is durable and does not oxidize.

Muji, founded in 1980, is famous for its Tatazumai (which refers to appearance and form) products. Shibui is said to be present in the teapots. Shibui objects have a simple design and are adorned with subtle details and elegant textures. They grow in beauty and aesthetic value over time.

Tokoname, in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, is famous for its teapots made by hand. These teapots bring all the aroma and flavor of green tea to life. These clay teapots, which are handcrafted, are more known by their potter and the quality of their craftsmanship than by a company’s brand. Shoryu, also known as Umehara Shoji, is a Japanese potter who produces beautiful teapots. Our Matcha green tea is sourced directly from Nishio, Aichi Prefecture. This region is known for its high-quality Matcha. Tokoname also inspires our matcha bowls. Click here to view our entire Matcha collection

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